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The Wellness Of Creativity

    There is this old perception of humans that some people are creative and some are not. They also think creativity is just inborn, inherent, and cannot be adopted after work. The wellness of creativity is new to science and therefore needs to be studied more to be understood. Although Behavioral Science has proven that people are not born creative or without a creative mindset, creativity is a skill that people can develop through practice and everyone can be creative after doing the practice. Creativity is not always successful and therefore failing is as big a part of creativity as success. 

    What is creativity?

    Often people view creativity as writing, dancing, acting, and painting. We enjoy them while doing and thinking about them. When our work is accepted we get a lot of appreciation after doing the work. Many artists’ works are viewed as not good enough or even lacking in creativity. Only after death or old age will an artist that’s ahead of their time be accepted. Although creativity is the combination of two things; one is something new and the other is beneficial for other people.

    How old the creativity is?

    Creativity is very ancient. It is as much ancient as living organisms are. I discuss this more in a past article “A Brief History Of Creativity.” Our ancestors were very much creative. They worked on getting food, building, medicines, science, writing, dancing, music, and many more things which we can see now. It means that creativity is in the blood of the people and every person can be creative after doing regular practice in their field. It’s my belief that creativity is so ancient that the universe invented this to combine elements and create life. In nothing, we see the possibility of something even being an accident and that’s why brainstorming bad ideas or failures is an important first step in becoming creative. 

    Why creativity is important?

    Creativity started in very ancient times, and people work on it in the various stages of development alongside the universe. The reason is, that it gives us happiness. Scientists say that creativity is very beneficial for the human being because it does not just give happiness them but also keep them fit mentally and psychically. It helps with mood and stress as discussed in, “Here’s How Creativity Actually Improves Your Health” on the Forbes blog.

    The wellness of creativity

    There is a great link between creativity and the wellness of human beings. The wellness of creativity can be judged by the wellness of the creative person who is creating it. The wellness of creation and the creator is interconnected so we will analyze the wellness of creativity through a prism.

    Wellness of Creativity and the Brain

    The brain is the most important organ in the body of a human being. It is divided into two parts: the left part of the brain works on logically based tasks like calculations, mathematics, and science, while the right part of the brain works on art and creativity. Some activities increase the creativity of the brain like working with a musical instrument, brainstorming, problem-solving, and performing. Creating a link between the two parts of the brain increases the strength and creativity of the brain as a whole. Therefore without harnessing both sides the brain as a whole will be lacking and creativity will fail. 

    wellness of creativity and the brain

    Wellness of Creativity and Physical Health

    Let’s look into the effects on human health of creative activity. Singing is an important part of creativity. It improves the physical and mental health of an idea. This type of performance increases the immune system and also increases the protein which works against different diseases. One could say thinking about ideas whether good or bad can increase our susceptibility to brain disease.

    The Singing Study

    A study had been conducted on cancer patients about group signing. The patient sang for 30 minutes a day for 2 months with positive results. Reduced stress levels and changes in mood are the results. Singing increased their good mood and also boosted their immune system by increasing the number of proteins that help them to fight more of the illness.

    Creativity leads to solutions, motivation, opportunities, potential and creative solution

    Creativity opens the mind to thinking and problem-solving. Creative people are always in search of different possible ways of finding success. A creative person always sees potential instead of problems, always keeps focused on solutions instead of opportunities, and always gets opportunities instead of obstacles. Creativity leads to the positive thought of the person he/she thinks that it is an opportunity for him/her instead of getting and thinking about its obstacles. Creativity increases motivation in the life of a human being. A study proved that a creative person is not only beneficial for her/himself but also for the nation and the people of the nation. Businessmen and businesswomen of the world create great businesses.

    Benefits for everyone

    These are beneficial for the nation and also for other people. Creativity controls negative thoughts and negative actions which makes the lifestyle more effective and also beneficial for good health. A healthier lifestyle helps in more effectively managing negative thoughts and information and promoting behavior that can be easily faced and problems solved.

    Creativity can remove trauma

    Trauma is the condition of great stress and much negative thinking. Creativity can help people to make sense of trauma. Practicing a hobby or activity that involves creativity can help to make the sense of trauma. This will make it easier to move on and improve lives around the individual. Again failures or even deaths in life are inevitable so a person who can move on and help others to move on in tragedy most likely understands creativity and its role in the universe. 

    Wellness of Creativity and loneliness

    Most people feel very lonely even in a crowd. They do not find a suitable person to share their thoughts and problems with. Hence, instead of solving the problems their stress and anxiety levels increase every day. The best solution to this problem is by finding a hobby that brings them joy. Something along the lines of you will never be lonely if you have a book to read. To reduce stress levels everyone needs an activity to enjoy for themselves and find positivity in their daily tasks. For instance, doing the dishes can be mundane and a choir still needs to get done. If we can find a way to enjoy these let’s say by listening to a podcast or music then we can embrace the task and make it enjoyable. 

    These people can easily solve their problems with creative thinking, and they can always understand the reasons for activities and behavior. Hence, they behave positively instead of taking anything negatively. – Rich Marks the Spot

    wellness of creativity and loneliness

    Wellness of Creativity and thoughts

    Creative people are always in search of new activities to boost their minds and soul. They always focus on the fresh ideas which come to their mind at the right time. Keep a notebook or smartphone for writing down ideas that pop into your head. If you are driving then record the ideas. Just make sure you write them down before you forget. Creative people are mostly very open to new things and embrace learning. They don’t hesitate in asking any type of questions for fear of looking foolish but embrace this curiosity. Creative people always ask questions and keep their thought very clear. They are always in search of new activities or hobbies. 


    Creativity is very ancient and the most important element of human life even before humans. It is not only important for human physical health but also for mental health. It also plays a very important role in character building and in facing different problems with full courage and enthusiasm. Creativity is also helpful in creating positive emotions and controlling negative emotions. So, one should work on the wellness of creativity in daily life and teach children to embrace this mindset.

    If you are interested in discovering a formal classification for creativity please read my first article, The Science of Creativity. 

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