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“The Pilot Playlist” – #1

    The Creativity Combustion playlists fuel my creativity. I collect them too and from work, in the listening room, and occasionally at the office. Playlists 1 & 2 have no rhyme or reason. I can see more specific lists in the future. Nice to meet you! Please enjoy some sweet tunes.

    Below the playlist are some thoughts about these songs and musicians. Please comment with any thoughts or favorite tracks on the list.

    G.S.K. - Squid

    Driving and this song came on. Loving these Talking Heads style lyrics and interesting guitar riffs. The song evolves into multiple parts and as you hear “I’m speeding along” the windows go down and the volume up. Maybe the speed of the car got increased a bit too.

    The Defence - black midi

    This performer touches on many genres. This one feels like early Tom Waits and Elvis. Playing this brings me right to a dark speakeasy-style bar ordering a Sazarac.

    Easier Said Than Done - Thee Sacred Souls

    Being honest can be hard especially when it will result in conflict.

    Bittersweet, TN - Kevin Morby, Erin Rae

    From the album “This Is A Photograph” this duet has a sweet banjo melody which I surprisingly like and is complemented by a violin. Kevin and Erin beautifully trade-off lyrics discussing time. As a big fan of Kevin Morby, I generally like all his music and this is no different.

    It leaves me with, dare I say a bittersweet taste in my mouth. Listening to his song makes me think about the future. Will I raise a glass and toast proudly with feelings of accomplishment or will I think back on past days feeling upset?

    Drop me a comment with your thoughts.

    Sivad - Live at the cellar door, Washington, DC - Decmeber 1970

    Make it to minute 4. So many samples can be pulled from this track.

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