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This show discusses the most exciting part of living, “CREATIVITY”. I try to keep this format: a story about creativity, an interview, and a project. It’s a way to share my thoughts with friends like back in the day over a cup of coffee.

I know you. We are friends. I want to buy you a cup of coffee (social distance method using Venmo or cash app)!!!!


Would you be interested in getting featured on my show “Creativity Combustion”?

It’s like getting a cup of coffee and catching up kinda show.

Think Jerry Seinfield – I’m Kramer and your Jerry or Elaine. The coffeeshop can be zoom, in person, voice chat, text message, or email. (handwritten letter?)😂

The #1 reason is it would be fun and I like you!

The #2 reason is I’m personally curious as to what is up to.

The #3 reason is I think others are interested in hearing from cool-ass people like ourselves.

ARE YOU IN? Message me and let’s set it up. Shoot me an Email or send me a message on Twitter.

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Richard marczewski jr

I love creativity

I created this website to centralize my projects, ideas, and talks. My passion has always been creativity and just enjoying the process.