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The Best Coffee To Drink Is

    Here are the 3 Best Coffee In My Opinion to drink. I’m from Massachusetts so you might not have these offerings but you can get them online. This is not an in-depth consensus, just a personal opinion. I’m not a coffee expert or a connoisseur. I am a bit sick of all the flavors, and specialty, and frankly more into keeping it simple.

    My creativity often is organized with coffee so I have a bit of passion for the beverage.

    Alcohol is blah, marijuana is blah, harder drugs are blah, prescription uppers are blah! Coffee is king and compliments water perfectly.

    Best Coffee In My Opinion

    1.) Firstly any roast from Acoustic Java. Black or with Milk.

    Simple, pure, and enjoyable as is. No need for syrups, cookie crumbles, or artificial sweeteners. Although I’m sure they offer milk alternatives asking too loudly might get you slapped by a barista. There’s a Dippin Donuts down the road.

    2.) Secondly, HOT: Starbucks Grande with Milk or Peets Medium with Milk

    Medium size is perfect. No need to get larger or smaller than that.

    3.) Thirdly, Any Iced Coffee with milk. Going to be refreshing on a hot day. Some even drink this refreshing beverage all winter, equally important we address those people on another day.

    If they brew various flavors of coffee with no added sugar or syrups that’s fine. I’ll let it slide.

    WARNING: Ordering certain flavors involving cookie names involve them adding cookie crumbles and syrups. This is no longer coffee and more of an ice cream shake with coffee over it. I strongly disagree with this and arm a purist stance. To each his own if you like it, this opinion is not that serious.

    Best Coffee In My Opinion TV Coffee Head
    TV head man drinking espresso soda

    But Isn’t Variety Creative?

    Sure is a creative way to get people who don’t like coffee to drink coffee. At a certain sugar percentage, the beverage becomes more of a dessert. In my constant absorption of all things creative, I learned that coffee is actually detrimental to creativity and don’t think the extra sugars will help. Coffee is only helpful for problem-solving not brainstorming according to that study. So, yes the idea to change coffee so more people enjoy the drink is creative but is not making people have more creativity.

    Please comment and share if you agree or disagree with these outrageous claims.

    In conclusion: Coffee and milk. That’s all we need. If you are treating yourself then substitute cream for milk. No almond milk, oat milk, or fat-free milk. Butter might be ok although I never tried it. Black coffee is fine.

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