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Episode 2 - Creativity Combustion
Episode 2 – Creativity Combustion – My Dad, YERIEL THE COQUÍ , How to level up your Creativity in three steps, The 90’s Playlist 

Summary – Episode 2 – Creativity Combustion In episode 2 of Creativity Combustion, I int…

Creativity Combustion Interview #2
Richard Marczewski Sr. – Creativity Combustion Interview #2

Summary Of Conversation With My Dad – Episode #2 Interview In this episode, we interview my da…

"The 90's Hour"- Playlist #4
“The 90’s Hour”- Playlist #4

Summary Of “The 90’s Hour”- Playlist #4 The Creativity Combustion playlists fuel m…

“YERIEL THE COQUÍ” - Pet Frog Turned Killer - Screenplay/Blog

Summary Of “YERIEL THE COQUÍ” – Pet Frog Turned Killer A coqui pet frog gets an insatiable app…

level up your Creativity
How to level up your Creativity in three steps

My son has a bucket of large legos. When I first gave them to him he gently took them out one at a t…

Nike High Dunks on EBAY Playlist
“Nike High Dunks on EBAY” – Playlist #3

The Creativity Combustion playlists fuel my creativity. I collect them too and from work, in the lis…

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Welcome to Creativity Combustion. This show discusses the most exciting part of living, “CREATIVITY”. I try to keep this format: a story about creativity, an interview, and a project. It’s a way to share my thoughts with friends like back in the day over a cup of coffee. Want to meet or catch up? Shoot me an Email or send me a message on Twitter.

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